a tip for getting off the sofa and into the gym

How many times have you dreaded your daily gym routine, daily run, or lengthy walk? How many mornings or afternoons have you thought of something more pressing that needed doing? How many times have you tried to think up an excuse to avoid being active? When this happens to you, use this tip to get moving.
We have all done it. It’s natural that some days you just don’t feel like being physical. There are a number of reasons, but lack of motivation hits us all.
After years of working out in one form or another, I developed a strategy for knowing when I am being lazy, and when I truly am not in the mood for fitness. I have let this little test be the judge for years, and it has served me well.
Here is my strategy on those lazy days. First, I dress in my fitness wear. As I reluctantly drag on my clothes, slowly tie my shoes, and ruminate over mental chatter about this ridiculous rule I made up years ago, I remind myself that I only have to try it for 15 minutes. Yep 15 minutes is all I am committed to.
Now, I don’t mean 15 minutes of sitting in the gym watching the clock tick or reading a magazine. I mean 15 minutes of going through the motions of a real workout.
Here comes the good news:
If I am still not “feeling it” after engaging in an activity for 15 minutes, I am free to go. I am off the hook. No guilt, no negative self-talk, no lingering doubt. I gave it my best shot, the end.
Let me share what happens when I enlist this method of forging ahead. In most cases, after the first few minutes of mentally and physically resisting being active, the energy kicks in. I start to get into the spirit of it and I forget that I was a reluctant participant.
When it’s all done, it’s extremely empowering to know that an hour earlier I had to talk myself into activity, and an hour later I feel energized and happy with myself for overcoming being lazy.
I must admit that this method has worked for me for 20 years. And, in all that time, I can only recall actually leaving the gym after 15 minutes one time. I think those are pretty good odds.
Workout with this method the next time you feel tired, lazy, or mentally drained. Apply the 15-minute rule and see what happens. In most cases you will not only get that fitness session in, but also gain the bonus of building will power.